Hi! I'm Amy.

I like to create things.

Ever since I was little, my favorite thing to do was "projects." I would draw and color to my heart's content. As I grew older, however, I thought that even though art and creating was fun, it was ultimately a waste of time. Doing art was something only kids did, or "real" artists. It's been only recently that my love for art has been rekindled, and my mindset has been completely changed. For me, art is therapy, whether looking at it or making it. I am so excited at the endless possibilities that await in this journey.

Being an artist by nature, I am not limited to a paintbrush or a pointed pen, I also am a writer on occasion. You can find my brutally honest self-reflections on my blog.


With every purchase on this site, a portion is donated to Love146, a non-profit organization that rescues children from human trafficking. This is something near to my heart. As a mom of four, it's devastating to know that so many children around the world are suffering years of abuse and neglect. I want to do my part in bringing them out of that darkness. You can read more about Love146 and their mission here.

Custom Commissions

For custom pieces, collaborations, or freelance design, please contact me at amygetsartsy@gmail.com